Launch of Eight New Personalized Managed Accounts

Launch of Eight New Personalized Managed Accounts

Launch of Eight New Personalized Managed Accounts 299 169 Ines

Seattle, June 17, 2024 – A leading investment firm has significantly expanded its suite of Personalized Managed Accounts (PMA) with the introduction of eight new fixed income and multi-asset separately managed accounts (SMA), tailored to meet diverse investment needs. The new PMA suite now includes four portfolios of fixed income securities packaged as Municipal ladders and Treasury ladders with staggered investment horizons, alongside four multi-asset options combining equity and fixed income securities through direct indexing or a mix of active and direct indexing allocations.

These new PMA solutions are already available on prominent custodial platforms such as the Fidelity Separate Account Network (SAN), SMArtX Advisory Solutions, and partially on Envestnet SMA. These platforms provide financial advisors with enhanced opportunities to customize their clients’ portfolios to reflect unique values and investment needs.

Personalization and Customization

The expanded PMA suite offers a wide range of personalization opportunities, including:

  • Tax management and tax-efficient transitions
  • Factor tilts
  • Faith-based preferences
  • Security and theme-based restrictions
  • Charitable giving
  • Coordination across multiple portfolios

Kevin Knowles, Senior Director of Personalized Solutions, stated, “Our expanded suite of PMA solutions is designed to help advisors advance their clients’ wealth-building strategies by leveraging our comprehensive capabilities in portfolio construction, risk management, trading, execution, and tax-advantaged income management. Advisors can now leverage our sophisticated investment approach, backed by five decades of experience in providing investment solutions to global institutional investors.”

New PMA Product Lineup

The new PMA products include:

  1. Personalized Municipal Ladder 1-5 Year SMA
  2. Personalized Municipal Ladder 1-10 Year SMA
  3. Personalized Treasury Ladder 1-5 Year SMA
  4. Personalized Treasury Ladder 1-10 Year SMA
  5. Personalized 60/40 DI (direct indexing) Core Allocation SMA
  6. Personalized 70/30 DI Core Allocation SMA
  7. Personalized 60/40 Core Allocation SMA
  8. Personalized 70/30 Core Allocation SMA

These solutions are supported by a dedicated team of portfolio managers, quantitative research analysts, and service teams. They also feature centralized trading and implementation, along with personalized, year-round tax management capabilities such as tax-loss harvesting, wash sale minimization, tax-smart turnover, and holding-period management.

The firm continues to innovate in the personalized managed accounts space, providing advisors with the tools they need to help clients achieve their financial goals in a manner aligned with their individual preferences and values. For more information about the new PMA suite, visit the company’s website.

About the Firm

This investment firm is a global asset manager dedicated to improving financial security for people. Leveraging extensive experience in portfolio construction, risk management, and trading execution, the firm delivers tailored investment solutions to individual and institutional clients around the world.

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